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You just entered the desiner`s room, so relax and have fun. I will be grateful if you order something from me and then became a regular customer. Clients never a lot!

Who am I?
Very cool, isn't it?

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The 3-step process

Step 1: Collecting all possible information, some researches and marketing investigations, making sketches.
Step 2: Consideration of sketches and examples, discussions.
Step 3: Your wishes about adjustments, my fixes, until the end.

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Characters for different needs

Implements of any whim

Character - a fictional cartoon person with a certain personality and unique appearance. If you want some kind of a character for your animation commercials, or cartoon of you for social media, or mascot for your brand, you need me! I can be very useful for you!

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What I Can?

Drawing is an immersion into the world of beautiful illusions and fantasy graphic stories.

Logo & Branding

I have enough experience to create unique & modern perfect quality logo for your own business!

Characters & Mascots

I have a lot of practice in developing characters & mascots for commercials and companies.

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Labels & Packaging

I'm not gonna lie if I say that vector graphics is my field of perfection. So no need to doubt, just hire me!

Have you ever seen my works?

You can become a part of my portfolio, if you give me an interesting project!

project 1

Box for Pops (Dinosaurs)

Client"Prextex" (U.S. Brooklyn)
DateApril 2017
SkillsCharacter Design, Packaging Design, Label Design

Client wanted some kind of design to his packaging plan. Lollypops in the shapes of different cartoon dinosaurs will have to be in this box.

project 2

Character for a Kid

ClientJoe (U.S. Indianapolis)
DateMarch 2017
SkillsCharacter Design
LinkNot available

The client wanted a cartoon caricature for represent himself in social media. In the original work data there was requirements of all used items, including clothing brands, colors, accessories, texts etc.

project 3

Branding for Board Games Store

Client"PandaSale" (Russia, Rostov-on-Don)
DateMay 2016
SkillsCharacter Design, Logo Design, Label Design

Owner of this board games store wanted a rebranding. In the list of tasks there was: logotype, pack of labels, clothing for staff & players team, discount & gift cards, business cards, flyers, social media kit.

project 4

Logo & Label for a Product

Client"Butterphote" (Austria)
DateMay 2017
SkillsLabel Design, Logo Design

The name of the company is "Butterpfote" (Butter = sheabutter, Pfote = paw). Client wanted a logo with calendula blossom and some kind of dog paw. The Label must fit a glass and it will be wrapped around.

project 5

Illustration for StandUp Comedian

ClientMatt Gass (Canada, Toronto)
DateJune 2017
SkillsCharacter Design, Vector Illustration

Matt wanted a silhouette of himself holding a microphone with a baby shadow being cast as a himself in diapers holding a hair brush. Very strange, but he knows better, why he need it like that.

project 6

Box for Pops (Halloween)

Client"Prextex" (U.S. Brooklyn)
DateJune 2017
SkillsCharacter Design, Packaging Design, Label Design

Client wanted another design to his packaging plan. Lollypops in the shapes of different halloween scarry things now will have to be in this box.

project 7

Character for Gadget-Master

ClientManny Montilla (U.S. Redwood City)
DateJuly 2017
SkillsCharacter Design, Vector Illustration
LinkNot available

The client wanted to see himself as a character similar to the HandyManny cartoon. The client is a master in gadgets and portables repairing, is an ardent fan of the New York Knicks basketball team, and he wanted the character was dressed in jeans, blue/orange t-shirt, fan cap, black "Fox" gloves and "Jordan11" sneakers.

project 8

New Jelly Brand Development

ClientHaya Hashal (Saudi Arabia, Jeddah)
DateApril 2017
SkillsCharacter Design, Logo Design, Packaging & Label Design
LinkNot available

At first, client wanted a logo and a mascot for her new candy brand. Mascot was supposed to be friendly and cute. Then client wanted a design of a package and a stickers on it for each flavor.

project 9

Character for Animated Commercials

Client"Gertex" (U.S. Arlington)
DateMarch 2017
SkillsCharacter Design, Storyboarding
LinkNot available

Client wanted a clear and simple (as posible) character of little businessman with certain characteristics and a set of his angles for storyboard and animated commercial then.

  • project 1

    Box for Pops

    dinosaurs edition

  • project 2

    Caricature of a Person

    for social media

  • project 3

    Logo & Branding

    for board games club-store

  • project 4

    Logo & Label

    for a dog's cream

  • project 5

    Character & Illustration

    for stand-up comedian

  • project 6

    Box for Pops

    hallowen edition

  • project 7

    Character & Illustration

    for gadget master

  • project 8

    Character & Branding

    for new jelly brand

  • project 9

    Character Design

    for animated commercials

Who am I?

Hey there! And now I want to represent my team:

team 1


Creative Mastermind

All I need is coffee, more coffee, even more coffee for making good ideas.

team 1


Drawing Grandmaster

When you stop expecting sketches to be perfect, you can lose your talent.

team 1


Graphic Maniac

Give me a few hours and I make an excellent line atr from your sketches.

About Me

My name is Sergey Izyumsky (a.k.a. MadPaint), I am a vector graphic designer in the directions of logos, characters & packaging. I always draw sketches by my hand, and all my works completely authorial. To make it more interesting, I can tell you that I have no unhappy customers!
So, if you liked my style of drawing, I will be glad to work with you!

My Superpowers

  • Logo & Branding

  • Characters & Mascots

  • Vector Illustration

  • Labels & Packaging

Hire me and you'll get:

• Brilliant Logo Ideas Generator;
• Amazing Cartoon Illustration Creator;
• Individual Unique Character Designer;
• Beautiful Line Art Specialist.
• Unrivaled Label & Package Developer.

What About My Clients?

I just look, what you wish, and generate unique and beautiful ideas on your thoughts.

"I hate giving 5's because I always think there is room for improvement. In MadPaint's case, he checks all the boxes expertly, so I have no choice but to give him max stars across the board!"

client 1 Manny Montilla U.S. Redwood City

"Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about hiring MadPaint, but when you're good, you're good! He was insightful, flexible, fast and professional. I'm absolutely satisfied with the quality and outcome of the work. Hire this guy!"

client 2 Haya Hashal Saudi Arabia

"Great work by MadPaint. Listened to our instructions very carefully and fully implemented our idea and also the feedback on the first versions of the art. Great artist! We will hire him definitely again in near future!"

client 3 Edvin Halilovic Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add,
But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

My Clients

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Just send me a message to one of the contact methods listed below, and i will answer!

Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation


+7 906 182 3738

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